Regathering – The Ball Is Rolling!

July 21, 2021

Hello Everyone,

This past Sunday we had another opportunity to meet for a second service at For The Kingdom camp in Raleigh. Torrey Bates, the camp director allowed us the chance to meet in the larger room in the Conference Center. We were provided plenty of room to social distance for the dozen who attended.

After our usual routine of song, announcements and expressions of victory, Neil gave a timely message titled “Re-gathering – This is Nothing New for the Church!” Scriptures covered included Exodus 15 where the Israelites relived through song the events of chapters 1-14 as God worked to bring his people out of Egyptian bondage – a regathering to a land he had prepared for them.

Neil then brought us to the brink of that first Pentecost with John 21 where Jesus had to refocus (regather) Peter and the other disciples after his resurrection on their calling to proclaim HIM. The sermon ended with Ephesians 1:7 showing from eternity the triune God’s plan – through Christ himself – to re-gather not only the first fruits, but in time the entire human race. In other words, the Good News in a nutshell.

Robert and Alvin catching up with each other July 18.

During the announcements a discussion was held about whether or not meeting in the Conference Center would work for our group long-term. There was pretty much a consensus that even though the facilities were great, the walk to and from the building would prove too difficult and hazardous for several of our members. It was agreed that we would look into the possibility of using the banquet hall instead. Negotiations will continue next week with hopes of a church service on August 1.

There will BE NO SERVICE this Sunday, July 25.

Hopefully you have all registered for the virtual International Conference this coming weekend. An email reminder from Regional Pastor Mike Rassmussen reminding us we can still register in the next couple days – virtually the last minute. Though I won’t be able to, hopefully some of you will be able to meet together and experience the event in “real time.” If not you can catch the recording later at your convenience.

Finally, it appears the Memphis area is a kind of hotbed for retired WCG/GCI pastors and their spouses. Briscoe Ellett and his wife have retired from full time ministry and relocated to the area. Briscoe was one of the twelve who met with us Sunday. He saw our GCI Memphis website and called Ms Leigh. This is an affirmation that our site can and will draw attention.

Continued prayers for our next church home is appreciated as we continue negotiations and continue to evaluate different locations. Stay safe and have a blessed week and weekend!

Love You All In Christ,