The Real Work Rolls On: COVID Crisis Leads to Service Outreach for Community of Faith

Memphis GCI members Robert, Cleo, Pat and Susan at Bartlett Senior's Center.

“Meals on Wheels” has become one of the best-known service groups across the United States.

The Bartlett, TN branch is no exception to this most helpful outlet providing convenient nourishing meals to senior citizens.

Bartlett Senior’s Center where GCI Community of Faith meets when church is open offered a mobile service during the Pandemic. Seniors or service workers show up in vehicles every Monday morning to receive their carefully boxed supplies. GCI members Cleo Henderson and Alvin Johnson were part of our GCI volunteer task force whereby they were able to distribute 5 healthy nourishing meals to the many seniors sharing Cleo’s apartment building near downtown Memphis.

“It’s always easy to find people who can use this gift,” Cleo reports. “I don’t know one neighbor who’s turned us down yet.”

That puts GCI/COF in the company of MIFA, the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association which supervises Meals on Wheels. They typically pass out 1200 local meals and feed 1000 seniors on-site such as Bartlett Center when conditions are normal. This begins to add up. MIFA can point to 3538 seniors receiving some 501,523 meals already. Cleo and Alvin are happy to be part of this effort. Regular financial assistance will soon flow from COF treasury.

MIFA leaders and staff.

It’s all part of that basic commitment to take up the cross which, Pastor Terry Street reminds us, is often the burden of caring for others in the midst of their hurts and needs. This is a,mandate that will outlast any virus when God’s people see a need.