What Has Motivated Me to Be a People Helper

Ed: Memphis Community of Life Elder Gary Morgan explains to his Counseling professor why he wants to succeed at Louisiana Baptist University.

By Gary Morgan

Gary Morgan, second from left.

Christ’s redemptive work on the cross was completed on the cross.

Not only for me but for every human who will ever live. Understanding the Father and Son’s love for us and deeply embracing that act of love (i.e. the Gospel) and knowing there was no way we could come to true, lasting salvation on our own should make all of us desire to imitate His life, striving to do what his life revealed in the Gospels.

The Christ in the flesh was the perfect revelation of the Father, says Hebrews 1:3. The apostle Paul reminds us of the same in this present age of grace in 2 Corinthians 4:4. Then, 1 Thessalonians 5:11 issues a challenge for us in the body of Christ, wherever God has called us to fellowship with other believers we are to “encourage one another.” Encourage in this particular context can mean advise, to help or to counsel. So in a nutshell being a people helper, which denotes genuine caring, is the perfect expression of our triune God and his love of all mankind.

The main thing that has motivated me to help people is focusing on Jesus’s ongoing work; that is as a human, his life, death, burial, resurrection and even his ascension. His act of salvation is a gift to mankind; we can accept or reject it. There was nothing I or anyone could do to earn it; it’s free for anyone willing to seek Him.

My Generation (The Baby Boomers) lived and worked during the time when prosperity was awarded to those who were trained and educated. Our values about God, family and careers greatly shaped and influenced us. Many of us had parents (The Seniors) who simply wanted more for us than what they were able to achieve. A good percentage of us succeeded, but unfortunately the moral and spiritual problems increased in spite of improved lifestyles. Many of us have learned and recovered from many of the choices that took away our joy. And now we are investing in the succeeding generations, teaching them about preparing themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and certainly spiritually.

Like our parents and older people before us, we yearn to guide and mentor young men and women in their journey. What a plus to have the training and confidence (my BA in Christian Counseling) to help succeeding generations (and the older ones) to work out issues from a Christian perspective. Being a husband, father and now a grandfather I find myself talking to young men who are willing to let me preach the importance of preparing themselves to make a positive contribution wherever God has placed them. Women and Men need to spend their twenties as years of intense preparation for life and life’s opportunities.

I will now make it plain why I want to be a People helper. It is because what Christ did for me. I want to serve him out of gratitude NOT BECAUSE I NEED TO EARN SALVATION, but out of a desire to serve him and being on mission with him in serving my fellow man.

Simply put, Jesus the Christ was the ultimate People Helper. Attaining this degree in counseling at Louisiana Baptist University will, along with the power of the Spirit, give me more confidence in helping to bring others to Christ. I have a new way to be of service to other believers in times of confusion and challenge.