Memphis Community of Faith: 60 Years and Still Serving

Photo courtesy of Charles Clark. Click to enlarge.

Sixty years ago this summer two ministers in the employ of the Radio Church of God then headquartered in Pasadena, CA raised up a body in Memphis, TN. Later named Worldwide Church of God and now Community of Faith, a congregation of Grace Communion International, the church would pass through many changes and innovations as it strove to keep its balance while sharing in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and keeping it in the forefront.

Eventually Memphis became a mother church sending out branches to Jackson, Tennessee and even Tupelo, Mississippi as it embraced the call to preach and teach and make disciples. We have supported evangelistic work in areas a far away as Bangladesh and Northern Thailand as well as standing with the California headquarters in resisting a claim by the then Attorney General of California in 1989 that churches were subject to regulation to the state.

It has been an exciting and even topsy-turvy 60 years as we moved from a narrow doctrinal package delivered over the mass media to a broader-based theology centered Jesus Christ and his commission. But we persevered and joined the National Association of Evangelicals in 1997.

There is a blunt question sometimes posed: “If your church closed down would anyone notice?” We at Community of Faith feel we can answer, Yes, by God’s grace. Here are some things we’ve been up to as we approach late middle age as a church.

Annual Memphis fundraiser for Down Syndrome

God helping us, we hope to stay productive and vital as the years continue. We hope to fit the description of the saints of old who delighted in “bearing fruit in old age” and enriching and enhancing our small corner of the Kingdom. Watch this space for news of a sixtieth celebration.

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