July 11 – the Regathering Begins!

Regathering has been a major theme in the Bible since Israel climbed ashore on the far bank of the Red Sea to begin their trek as a nation and then returning to Jerusalem after 70 years in Babylonian Captivity.

Jesus regathered his disciples after his resurrection on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and the Lord has provided a beautiful spot for our first meeting after the Pandemic.

Photo courtesy of Charles Clark. Click to enlarge.

This will be at the headquarters building of “For The Kingdom Camp and Center” (pictured) which serves meals and character-building activities for needy youth and seniors in the Raleigh area in North Memphis.

The address is 4100 Raleigh Millington Road just North of St. Elmo street whose sign is hard to miss on the right.

We plan to start at 10:30 with hymns and special music. Come along and bring a friend. Masks welcome but not required, social distancing still followed.