Hazel Tabin, GCNext Leader

Hazel Tabin


How do you serve in GCI? What is your role in your local congregation or the denomination as a whole? I am part of the GCNext team representing the Western Region. Locally, I serve as a worship leader in Grace Communion Fellowship (GCF), Los Angeles, CA. From time to time, I speak and share with the congregation what God has been teaching me. I also assist with the children’s ministry and I cherish laughing and learning with them!

How did you connect with GCI? I was born in the church!

What are some of your reasons for choosing to participate with GCI in ministry? I love that GCI is one big family. I love that this family is willing to support each other. I love that our church challenges and equips the future generation! I love that we know that Jesus is the head of the body, allowing each member to participate in His work. It is truly in and through Christ that we serve and love His bride. These are some of the reasons why I am here at GCI and the common denominator in all these is the presence of the Spirit’s leading and love.