‘Come, Before Winter’

We're thankful for all these years together and new beginnings at Bartlett Seniors Center.

Fall is gorgeous here in the Mid-South with its crisp, cool, weather and shifting kaleidoscopic of colors. Autumn also trumpets the note of preparation, preparing for winter.

“Come, before winter,” St. Paul requested his young assistant Timothy. Yet the great apostle also taught, “Preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2).

You'll receive a warm welcome at Memphis GCI.

In our new quarters at Bartlett Senior Center that’s what we hope to be doing under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Memphis Community of Faith is part of a much bigger group called Grace Community International and we have been here for 58 winters, learning as we go. Once again we beseech our Lord and Master to make this winter productive and profitable.

We have learned what Pastor Geordie Ziegeler calls “the most basic truth of the church.” That is “the church belongs to Christ and exists for him.” And wherever Christ is there reigns love, joy and peace in communion with the great Triune God.

We hope winter will not be too cold but if you visit us we assure you a warm welcome in His name.

Memphis GCI welcomes you. Click photo to enlarge.