A Fond Farewell

We are thankful for the time we spent at St. Timothy United Methodist Church in Memphis.

Too many churches shut down every day across North America and that lot has fallen to our good friends at St. Timothy United Methodist Church.

For 8½ years we met together in a monthly Unity service while our Community of Faith (GCI Memphis) was renting space from our good friends there. One church was primarily Caucasian and one primarily African-American but both were staunchly committed in true brotherly love and friendship. This healthful mingling attracted media attention in this often divided city and rightly so! Our unity reached a peak of sorts with the visit of the Plattsburgh Gospel Choir this spring.

There is no question that both congregations will miss each other as we say a fond farwell to each other. Community of Faith will now be moving to a new location and we invite all to come and see us once we get set up. For more information contact elders Gary Morgan (731-413-2118), Cleo Henderson (901-487-3794) or Paul Sniffen (901-754-6234).

Until then, stay tuned for future developments.