Memphis: The Pilgrim Church – Always on the Move…

Gary Morgan (second from left) having fun at Bartlett Festival.

Christians know that they are part of a pilgrim church, one that started with Abraham, Moses and their generations in the wilderness and continued on in the life of the often-persecuted and scattered early church (Acts 8:1).

Memphis Community of Faith knows a lot about pilgrimaging and being on the move. As Worldwide Church of God and now Grace Communion International we have been renting properties across this vast city since the church began 60 years ago in May, 1961.

Now we are asked to strike our tents once more. As Paul wrote about Christians “we have no lasting city but we seek the city that is to come” (Hebrews 13:14). We in Community of Faith entered this decade bivouacking with our friends at St. Timothy’s Methodist church in Raleigh, enjoyed a brief stay at Bartlett Senior’s Center and (due to dislocation connected with COVID-19) we are on the move again.

Memphis members are scattered from just over the line from Olive Branch, across Cordova and Bartlett to Mid-town and the borders of downtown. We’ve rented from the Ellis Auditorium and Baker’s Union Hall, the Methodist Church and the City of Bartlett. Our people have been willing to drive and show more than a little perseverance in order to stay together as a fellowship. The Gideons, the Kairos Ministry for prisoners, Meals on Wheels and the Egypt Middle School are all looking for us (literally) to support and encourage them in the years ahead. We have already booked up to host a fair booth at the annual Bartlett Community Festival so, we have settled contacts in Christian service, as unsettled as our physical roots may be.

We know God will provide us a place but as “faith without works is dead” if you know of a suitable hall for 25-30 people on Sunday mornings anywhere near a major highway please contact Gary at or Neil at

We’ll be glad to hear from you, and meantime – do not fear. We’ll be looking too. With God’s help, we are not about to disappear, not after 60 years!

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