The Fourth King Is Coming…

Heart for world mission. Photo by Monica Scott

Memphis, a city that doesn’t take itself overly-seriously, is getting ready for her fourth and most important King.

The Memphis City lecturer, Eddie Ogle, used to quip that Memphis is the City of the Three Kings – Elvis, of course, the King of Rock; B.B. King, the King of Soul; and Martin Luther King, the King of Conscience.

Now as December 25 arrives and the weather turns bleaker, the Bluff City decorates itself with all the signs of a royal arrival. Street-lamps and arcades are dolled up with scarlet red and white streamers. Powerful music booms forth from the usual secular media: “Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to the Newborn King,” for the Fourth King is Jesus Christ and he has the answers we need. Time to make a little noise in his name, as the angels did so long ago (Luke 2:8-17).

Come and meet with us if you’ve no place to go. We meet Sundays at 11AM at Highland Heights Presbyterian Church, 2855 Morning Sun Road, Cordova, TN. Elevator works, distancing recommended, mask up if you feel the need.

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