Sixty Years of the Memphis Church

Our Memphis congregation in 1992. Photo courtesy of Tim Welch. Click to enlarge.

Our picture this week shows the group at Baker Union Hall from about 1992 where they had met for many years. Thanks to Tim Welch for submitting this.

Robert and Alvin catching up with each other July 18.

Memphis began in the summer of 1961 so that makes us 60 and proud of it!

If you have some pictures to submit we can try to publish them here. Simply e-mail Gary Morgan at or Neil Earle at We’ll see if we can work them in.

Melvie and Susan reminisce.

This is a church which definitely has a history. Gary Morgan calls it a “Mother Church” which eventually birthed Jackson, TN, Jonesboro, ARK and Tupelo, MS. We began as Radio Church of God, evolved through Worldwide Church of God and now go by Community of Faith, a congregation of Grace Communion International with world headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

We’ll alert you about our new post-COVID meeting place pretty soon.

See you in church!

(This is not an official website of GCI in Charlotte but a supporter.)

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